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The new J.B.F. Champlin & Sons

A New Beginning

J.B.F. Champlin and Sons Cutlery LLC, is a new version of a very old brand.  It is being created and pushed forward by two rather unlikely partners, Derek Smith from Salt Lake City and Michael Losicco of Pennsylvania. They have both been independently researching and collecting anything to do with JBF Champlin for many years.

Michael Losicco’s fascination with vintage pocketknives started innocently enough while he was visiting an antique store about 20 years ago.  He wasn’t even shopping for knives, but on a whim he picked up a pearl handled whittler with a broken blade that happened to be a knife made by JBF Champlin.  He didn’t know it at the time, but he was hooked.

Since then, Michael has become a bit of a hound dog when it comes to finding vintage knives and paper that have anything to do with the long career of J.B.F. Champlin, including Cattaraugus Cutlery, the large manufacturing company he established and of course “Galvanic” JBF’s premier brand of cutlery.

Derek Smith met and married a beautiful young woman by the name of Kimberly Champlin in 1986. Her father was a brilliant fellow from Little Valley, New York who came from a long line of first born men, who were all given the same family initials, from one generation to the next:  J.B.F. Champlin.  Through Kimberly, Derek has had the chance to visit extensively with several family members who have been collecting old letters and working on the family genealogy for years.

This treasure trove of family history along with Derek’s newly found interest in vintage knives started him on his own journey.  Since then he has spent countless hours researching the history of the Champlin family and the knives they made.

In the course of their research, Derek and Mike eventually crossed paths and became fast friends and allies.

Since JBF knives are always so hard to find, Mike & Derek thought it might be a good idea to have a few new knives made.  After consulting with the family they decided to resurrect the brand.

One of JBF’s early trademarks was “JBF Champlin & Son”. An additional “s” has been added so the new trademark reads “JBF Champlin & Sons” in recognition of all of this man’s descendants including his grandsons, great grandsons and great granddaughters.

Mike & Derek asked GEC to produced their first knife in honor of JBF Champlin, a cutlery pioneer and family man, whom they both respect and admire.